Weather Data

The LEO Network data portal crawls daily weather data from the NOAA GHCN data source. The LEO Data Portal can be configured to crawl any set of weather stations that are in the GHCN database. In practice, we crawl ones that are in Alaska or elsewhere in the Arctic and that are currently online, meaning that they are collecting new data.

This data file represents all of the stations currently being crawled on a daily basis. You can get it in three formats:

Daily data for individual weather stations is available at URLs similar to this one:

(Replace the last part of the URL with the weather station that you are interested in.)

Individual data files contain information on minimum and maximum observed temperature in Fahrenheit for a given day, as well as precipitation and snowfall in inches. For some stations, snow depth in inches is also recorded.

Alaska Community Transportation Information

This data set contains information about the presence or absence of ports, airports, and other transportation infrastructure in Alaskan communities. It contains an indication of whether the community is on the road system as well.

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Source: Alaska DCCED

PurpleAir Air Quality Data

We perform hourly crawls of Purple Air data to retrieve the latest readings from a select set of approximately 200 sensors in Alaska and nearby. We retrieve hourly data for PM 2.5 readings, which we then convert to EPA AQI values.

Map of sensors. Search or click on a sensor to download historical data for that sensor.

Download list of sensors in GEOJSON format

Historical data for any given sensor may be downloaded in CSV format via a URL that includes the sensor index. For example: for sensor 35151

You can view the real-time Purple Air map for Alaska here:

Confirmations of Avian Influenza in Alaska

Dataset and dashboard generated from State of Alaska Veterinarian website tracking positive cases of avian influenza.

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ARUC & Assisted Billing Communities

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Observations of mortality and unusual wild bird behavior in Alaska - 2022

Dataset based on reports of unusual bird behavior during 2022, shared with ANTHC by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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O&M Best Practice Scores

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DEHE Energy Projects

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Alaska Regions Used by Epidemiology Center

Multi-polygon files used by the ANTHC Epidemiology Center for various reporting needs. The polygons in these files roughly correspond to tribal health organizations, but many of the small THOs have been merged into larger ones.

Download GEOJSON data

Download GEOJSON data (with village exceptions)

Alaska Coastline

A simplified Alaska coastline suitable for producing maps.

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Water/Sewer Burden

The level of financial burden that water and sewer costs put on communities.

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ANCSA Regions

Multipolygon file with features representing Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act regions.

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Sanitary Deficiency Survey (SDS) Data

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Community flooding, erosion, and permafrost risk assessment status

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First Service Projects

A list of CDT first service projects.

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Remote Monitoring Installations

Communities with remote monitoring installations either completed or in process.

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Community Support Projects

A list of CDT community support projects.

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Cost for Addition of Water/Sewer Service

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Basic Alaska Community Information

Includes geolocation information, mapping to boroughs and tribal health regions, regular expressions for basic geocoding, and information about communities infrastructure and environmental threats.

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